Who is Mister Peru

May I introduce myself. I am Peter Kuijt the man behind Mister Peru. After ending my university degree I started working in construction and started to work out my own companies in Holland. At the age of 40 I went to Peru in the year 1998 and started a tourism agency over there. Started my family in the year 1999 (married a Peruvian wife Maria and at the moment 2 daughters Diana and Sonja).

Business grew up very quickly and now we are organizing roundtrips for different travel agencies al over the world. Main target of Mister Peru is not only show you the Peruvian sight seeing and culture but we want to let you taste it as well

Mister Peru is well know about his different group trips. However for this year they developed a new travel program for his contacts in Great Britain, Holland, Belgium Austria Italy Slovenia and the United States.

Issue is to form an international travel group that accompanied by an English spoken tour conductor will travel through the most popular part of Peru.

The 15 day standard program have weekly departures from Lima at each Sunday starting at the 18th of April. It is easy to combine before or afterwards with individual extensions.

The target of Mister Peru is the get the best possible travel ratio between available time and sight / culture seeing.

By using in an effective way the combination of private and public buses the traveler can during traveling from one city to the other enjoy sightseeing or be part of the culture.

As Mister Peru we know from our 7 year experience in organizing trips what Peru can offer to you. We be sure that you will enjoy our program and we be sure that you will agree at the end of it that you used all the time you joined with us in a very effective way.

Mister Peru
Contact Address:
Jirón Union 286 - Office 404
Lima - Peru
Telefax:  (+51 1) 428 2257
Mobile:  (+51 1) 99009 1372
E-mail:  info@misterperu.com

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